818 SW 3rd Ave. #511, Portland, OR

CASCADIA.FM is a network of streaming radio and podcast talk shows based in the Pacific Northwest. Originally launched in September 2009 as PDX.FM, CASCADIA.FM is now host to nearly thirty shows and reaches upward of 35,000+ listeners in the region and around the globe each day.


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  • Moi

    Robert Wagner

    Podcaster, Internet radio demigod, Wordpress developer/addict, hibernating blogger, and sometimes overly opinionated tech pundit.

  • Sabrina_timbersgal

    Sabrina Miller

    An all round nice girl that talks into a mic everyday

  • We-are-happy-to-serve-you-c

    Betsy Richter

    Betsy is the VP of Technical Services at Kavi Corporation. And since she's a typical PDXer with side projects, she also hosts the Redoing Media show (@redoingmedia on Twitter), streaming live on Thursdays at 2 pm on