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Wantist is a curated collection of gift ideas with a one sentence interface. We provide a place to discover something that wonderfully suits your someone and helps you give a great gift on every occasion.

We made Wantist for everyone who draws a blank when it comes time to give a gift. Your usual steps: browse the same old stores or get your google on and hope to find the needle in the haystack.

Our goal is for Wantist to be as insightful as a great salesperson. You say “I’m looking for something quirky for someone artistic,” and there you go—hand-picked quirky gifts for your artistic friend.

Wantist is created by Brittany and Jacob Reiff. Brittany heads up the curation and publishing, while Jacob is responsible for all aspects of design and development. They cross pollinate often.


ruby, rails, html5


  • With-a-smile-now

    Jacob Reiff

    Design, development, curation: @Wantist. Design, customer service: @keyboardtray.

  • Chimp2

    Brittany Reiff

    co-founder at @Wantist. aesthete. newbie knitter. letterpress caresser. intermittent runner. portland fangirl.