9405 SW Gemini Drive

Digimarc Corporation is a publicly-traded technology company based in the Portland area since its inception in 1995. Engineers represent 70% of our staff and we have over 800 issued US and foreign patents. We have a large R&D team with a deep expertise in signal processing, communication theory, color science and print. All of our solutions reflect a unified vision: to enrich everyday living via pervasive, intuitive computing. We accomplish this by creating a new means of communication ‒ based on our pioneering digital watermarking technology. You may know us from our Photoshop plug-in (the only third party utility pre-installed with the software) or the Digimarc Discover print-to-web solution, but we're much more than that. We develop solutions, license intellectual property and provide development services to business partners across a wide range of industries.


perl, Java, c#, .net, C/C/C++