26211 SW 95th ave Suite 500 Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

We're Hub Innovations, a consumer products company born with the mission of developing unique, innovative products that enhance the user's experience with their mobile devices. Design, functionality and simplicity is what we live by.

From cell phones to tablets and everything in between, Hub Innovations is focused on developing solutions to help consumers run their personal and professional lives more efficiently. From running a fast-growing national distributor of high quality agrochemicals to pioneering nation-wide retail vaccination programs,

we're a company whose team has been characterized by identifying and solving the needs that enable people run their lives better. With our flagship product, REV360, we believe this is one of the most tangible expressions of that philosophy.

But we're not stopping there. As market needs unfold and technology and consumers grow bolder, so do we. As a small company made up of ambitious, like-minded individuals, Hub International aims to be the frontrunner in bridging the gap between concept and reality for businesses and people, like us, who want something different.


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    Hub Innovations

    Risk more than others think is safe, Care more than other think is wise, Dream more than others think is practical, Expect more than others know is possible.

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    Seib Seibl

    Director, Global Support at Message Systems