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In today’s fast-paced global economy, flexibility and agility are crucial to success. At the same time, the quality of your engineering team cannot be compromised. Protingent solves this dilemma by giving you the best of both worlds—skilled, experienced engineering professionals with the flexibility of contingent employment. We’re also your one-stop-shop for direct placement needs.

Our clients rely on our hand-selected technical workforce when they:

Need personnel with highly specialized skills that are difficult to find on the open market.

Have cyclical or peak workloads that require staffing up for a limited period.

Initiate short-term projects that do not warrant full-time hires.

Are in the beginning stages of a project, such as performing feasibility studies or pilot programs.

Want to enhance the recruitment process to gain efficiency and improve the quality of their candidates.

Need to fill direct hire positions, but want to evaluate candidates on a contingent basis first.