Mobile Portland

Portland has been a leader in mobile development which has allows Mobile Portland to become one of the largest mobile user groups in the United States with over 800 people on the mailing list.

Monthly meetings about mobile featuring outstanding presentations and networking. A typical meeting has between 50 and 70 attendees, but popular topics have exceeded over 100 attendees.

Video and slides from past events are available on the web site.

The Google Group is also a great place to get assistance and is a place where people frequently post job opportunities.

Meeting Info

Meets the fourth Monday of every month at 6 pm. Meetings are free and open to everyone.


  • Jg_cupnoodle_square

    Jason Grigsby

    Mobile Strategist, Co-Founder of and

  • Dscf2722_cf_120x120

    Craig Fisk

    @craigfisk. mobile, #GOAP (, 汉语, Deutsch, 日本語, le français. Startups: Picocosmos and Stringbook ( < co-founded Gaia Software, mobile enterprise applications company < Intel software platforms and tools.

  • Me_g01_sq

    Rakshith Krishnappa

    Developer... works @Intel, Illinois Tech Alumni, side-projects @, Creator of,,, ...

  • Fivebats-lg

    Mike Coleman

    Freelance software developer.

  • Stmaartenmesquare

    John Keith

    Web technologist and entrepreneur. Co-founder of Kavi, Cloud Four, Mobile Portland, and Lucid Meetings.

  • Aaronpk-512

    Aaron Parecki

  • 0_lnotmmhgug0syfwifqitm2gdr6znykwibvodmd-gxiuqthy_wtvycsqpze4wj_efxbhune23whp8?1304970660

    Kira Dennison - Capen

    Account Manager at EdgeLink

  • Imag0658

    Matthew Gifford

    Mobile developer at Cloud Four.

  • Smile-bw-250-2

    Micah Elliott

    Entrepreneurship (@Membean), Data Mining, Ruby/Rails, R, Clojure, Vim, Zsh, Gimp, Git, Ubuntu, FOSS, SysAdmin, Clouds, Vocabulary, Ukulele, Esperanto

  • 3697557672_f9b999e820

    Kevin Meichtry

  • Thor_office_cropped

    Thor Prichard

    I lead a team of folks with blended expertise in education and technology to transform the process and practice of teaching in a global society.

  • 39597_533536613340_214901291_31625272_262785_n

    Peter W

    For fun and profit, in no particular order: web & mobile developer, and active transportation advocate.

  • 1ba0591ad76f592a1270df5b54ae4f64

    Piero Ardizone

    I'm a Portland-based UX designer. In 1983 I was bitten by a radioactive Macintosh mouse. I think about UX and IxD in ways that would make your mother blush.

  • 431130_540041257504_1929359699_n

    Lynsey Smith

    Insatiable Curiosity + Untamed Passion. I live at the intersection of online & offline interactions, specifically related to PR, brand messaging, strategic collaboration and event production. Making a profit & making a difference aren't mutually exclusive. Created @PDXGirlGeek

  • Jegoface

    Jesse Gonzalez

    UI, UX, Visual designer. Former design lead at HP-San Diego Research and Development. Recent Portland, OR transplant.

  • 4591809?1418090922

    Tim Degner

    TIM DEGNER Design, Data Viz, Infographics, UI, UX, Dashboard, Freelance, Presentations, Icons, Illustration, Sketching