Open Gov West PDX

The OpenGovWest Conference has sparked Portland area follow-up meetings with the hope of creating a local network of people interested in open government.

The purpose of this group is to continue communication on-line, facilitate collaboration, plan future meetings, and to promote open government in our region.




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    Audrey Eschright

    Writer, photographer, programmer, geek

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    Teresa Boze @PDXsays on Twitter

    Writer, Conceptor, Connector "Hackers are anybody who derives joy from discovering ways to circumvent limitations." Robert Bickford WELL Community

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    Piero Ardizone

    I'm a Portland-based UX designer. In 1983 I was bitten by a radioactive Macintosh mouse. I think about UX and IxD in ways that would make your mother blush.

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    David Harkness