PDX Django


  • 2008.12.14_-_michael_in_portland_snow_storm_-_headshot

    Michael Schurter

    Portland geek, Urban Airship Developer, Update PDX Organizer

  • Me

    Wraithan (Chris McDonald)

    Python hacker, tech nerd, and Portlandite (Sounds like a rare ore, that's because natural Portlandite is, in fact, very rare.)

  • Jeff_light

    Jeff Schwaber

    I thought this was funny when I wrote it, but now I think I was just being contrary: I was born, learned how to walk and talk and, some days, feed myself, and almost lost it all to the mysterious hole of programming. I received a degree that should really have been labeled BS, at least for its initials, and then moved to Portland to pursue I wasn't sure what. Since then I've been (among other things) a system administrator, database munger, and programmer, as well as a mushroom hunter, everything pickler and teacher.