PDX Groups (it's meta)

A mailing list for user group organizers to talk about issues related to organizing user groups. Also responsible for planning the Summer and Winter Coders' Socials.


  • 4173515888_fb3855db91

    Audrey Eschright

    Writer, photographer, programmer, geek

  • 2008.12.14_-_michael_in_portland_snow_storm_-_headshot

    Michael Schurter

    Portland geek, Urban Airship Developer, Update PDX Organizer

  • Don-hoodriver-greyscale-profile

    Don Park

    Maker, Biker, Dreamer. Works on @everyonedelivrs @icecondor @geomena @taplister

  • Profile

    Selena Deckelmann

    free and open source software, databases, postgresql, fun. A lady.

  • Igal-avatar-by-jimmymcwicked-flipped

    Igal Koshevoy

    Business and Technology Consultant working primarily with Ruby, Python, UNIX and DevOps. Open source contributor & community organizer: Calagator, Open Source Bridge, pdxruby, pdxfunc, and pdxdevops.

  • Pixelated%20closeup%20avatar

    Brian Panulla

    A writer of software and bully of Linux boxen; Ed Tech ronin; Penn State diaspora; a bass player who on the guitar noodles; Reader, Writer, Arithmaticker

  • Download

    Eric Redmond

    Long bio was long - truncate() would be awesome. So in it's place: Ruby, Java, iPhone, Inviite, NoSQL, author, other buzzwords, lurker.

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    Shalin Mehta

    Software Engineer

  • Nov%2015,%202011%209-52-14%20am

    Jacob Helwig

    All-around geek

  • Corykolbecktrimmed

    Cory Kolbeck

  • 402936533_7fb8915162_o

    ben hengst

    I'm just a guy that does stuff...

  • Chess_pic

    Leif Warner

    R&D&D. Wires. Tubes. Patterns. Ask me about linked data, graphs, OWL, markup languages, functional languages, and dead languages.