Portland Area Game Developer Interest Group

PAGDIG stands for Portland Area Game Developers Interest Group. It is the local IGDA chapter for Portland, OR.

We have several goals:

- To meet like-minded developers in the area.
- We want to be a forum where we can meet other developers and enthusiasts.
- To be a social/networking forum more than having structured meeting
topics. We want to be a place you can meet like minded developers and discuss
your work. There’s a strong focus on indies, which should be unsurprising
for Portland.
- To serve as the area IGDA chapter. There is not a huge game developer
presence in Portland, overshadowed as we are by nearby Seattle, but we feel
there are more than enough people in the area who would like to meet up
and keep in contact.
- To consume vast quantities of pizza and/or beer.

Anyone from an individual enthusiast working on flash games in their spare time up to EA-sized studios are welcome to participate.




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    Micah Elliott

    Entrepreneurship (@Membean), Data Mining, Ruby/Rails, R, Clojure, Vim, Zsh, Gimp, Git, Ubuntu, FOSS, SysAdmin, Clouds, Vocabulary, Ukulele, Esperanto

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    Jason Lingel