NoPoCoNi - North Portland Coders Night

Come hang out, drink beer, and write code every Monday night.

The meetings are extremely informal, and everyone is welcome!

Maybe we'll be in the middle room, maybe in the back room, just keep walking until you see a table full of laptops.


  • Don-hoodriver-greyscale-profile

    Don Park

    Maker, Biker, Dreamer. Works on @everyonedelivrs @icecondor @geomena @taplister

  • Chess_pic

    Leif Warner

    R&D&D. Wires. Tubes. Patterns. Ask me about linked data, graphs, OWL, markup languages, functional languages, and dead languages.

  • Photo

    Reid Beels

    Designer, developer, geonerd, community organizer, and generally nice guy. Works on @calagator, @osbridge, @wherecamppdx, @paydici, & more.

  • N581729176_1282329_9940

    Rafa Gutierrez

    Owner, Grafa Geographic Design. Wherecamper and GIS wonk. Ride a Surly, pull a Burley. Orienteer, KAP hobbyist, and papa of two future presidents.

  • Eightbit-c34380cd-693d-43cb-86b0-1a7c54056875


    Urban Explorer

  • 3697557672_f9b999e820

    Kevin Meichtry

  • 275607_776444370_686715864_n

    Brennan Aitken-Gantz

    Entrepreneur. Pro-Hobo. Photographic Creative. Websites. Curious.

  • Adron1

    Adron Hall

    Cloud computing, software development & architecture, heavy metal, transit & logistics, economics, beautiful things, speaker, and adrenaline junkie.

  • 402936533_7fb8915162_o

    ben hengst

    I'm just a guy that does stuff...

  • 09676fac73eda6cac726c43e43e86c58?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Connie Shieh