Portland AWS Users

The Portland Amazon Web Services users group. This is a member driven content and advice sharing group with the intention of expanding the knowledge and experience of all involved.






  • Alex

    Alex Payne

    Co-founder and CTO of BankSimple. Programmer, writer, secular humanist, beverage enthusiast. Former Twitter Platform Lead.

  • Headshot_square_cropped_512x512

    Lindsey Smith

    Criminal justice information integration business development & product management at Thinkstream by day. RSS, Python, beer, bike and OSS by night. Maintainer of rss2email project.

  • Kevinelong_1305515479_35


    Technical Product Manager at Janrain; Geek at Large; C r e a t e, L e a r n, E v o l v e, V i s u a l i z e, E n g a g e, R e l a t e.

  • Igal-avatar-by-jimmymcwicked-flipped

    Igal Koshevoy

    Business and Technology Consultant working primarily with Ruby, Python, UNIX and DevOps. Open source contributor & community organizer: Calagator, Open Source Bridge, pdxruby, pdxfunc, and pdxdevops.

  • 274746_116400640_1553096457_n

    Brandon Helwig

  • Valentine-face

    Aaron Burt

    Systems administrator, tinkerer, amateur motorcycle mechanic and sustainable farming enthusiast.

  • Adron1

    Adron Hall

    Cloud computing, software development & architecture, heavy metal, transit & logistics, economics, beautiful things, speaker, and adrenaline junkie.

  • Isaac_portrait

    Isaac Rabinovitch

    Technical Writer, Technology Geek

  • 0f8cb4f

    Isaac Stefanek

    Regex ninja

  • Usb-256

    Ben Sandberg

    Part developer, part sysadmin.

  • Ntpmrqrj_normal

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