PDX Breakfast

A bimonthly gathering of people who need coffee, bacon, and conversation. Frequented by techie types, arty types, policy wonks, and rabbis.

Logo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/framboise/

Meeting Info

We move from restaurant to restaurant, confusing wait staff on both sides of the river(s). Summer = al fresco breakfast at specialty carts.


  • Doof_100_100

    J-P Voilleque

    Gamer, lawyer, dad and #pdxbreakfast organizer. Open data is good.

  • Profile

    Selena Deckelmann

    free and open source software, databases, postgresql, fun. A lady.

  • Photo

    Reid Beels

    Designer, developer, geonerd, community organizer, and generally nice guy. Works on @calagator, @osbridge, @wherecamppdx, @paydici, & more.

  • 3697557672_f9b999e820

    Kevin Meichtry

  • Jess3-eloqua-probook-illos-bradcohen-500px

    Brad Cohen

    Half cyborg, half bionic... All organic biodynamic. Storyteller. Portland-based Director of Strategy @ JESS3.

  • 0_r4vdwb1wys1y_-2w-zn-wzrvk25a7-gwtsttwzlv7dl3knedyo53fvluycla2zy5arb1qtizhyeh?1346737622

    Mike Stanojev

    Business consultant with an interest in mobile/web start-ups

  • Nov%2015,%202011%209-52-14%20am

    Jacob Helwig

    All-around geek

  • Kk-caseorganic-48px

    Amber Case

    Exploring the field of cyborg anthropology. Founder Geoloqi (now Esri Portland).

  • 1ba0591ad76f592a1270df5b54ae4f64

    Piero Ardizone

    I'm a Portland-based UX designer. In 1983 I was bitten by a radioactive Macintosh mouse. I think about UX and IxD in ways that would make your mother blush.

  • 0_ebp1xf5o0dhn1thnenc2xuvpgdo6pthnhnbuxuv_c7o9u9096l_0e23spxyjrvdswnldiiwtex-j?1357855743

    Amy Dubin

    Amy has been working in the creative tech field for over 25 years and as an entrepreneur for 10. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in terms of strategic use of business, technical and creative resources. She received her bachelor's in Cinema from Ohio State University and loves to direct, thus spawning the name of her current company, Ringleader Communications.

  • Isaac_portrait

    Isaac Rabinovitch

    Technical Writer, Technology Geek

  • 264411_615757275741_42007125_33341578_5084697_n

    Jason Lingel