Portland Tech Workshops (pdxtechworkshops)

Creating new technologists, connecting new people with the local tech community, and increasing the participation of under-represented groups.

Meeting Info

The group doesn't have regular meetings, but puts on special events. You can find these by visiting the website or http://calagator.org/events/search?query=pdxtechworkshops


ruby, rails, python, django, unix, git


  • Igal-avatar-by-jimmymcwicked-flipped

    Igal Koshevoy

    Business and Technology Consultant working primarily with Ruby, Python, UNIX and DevOps. Open source contributor & community organizer: Calagator, Open Source Bridge, pdxruby, pdxfunc, and pdxdevops.

  • 4173515888_fb3855db91

    Audrey Eschright

    Writer, photographer, programmer, geek

  • Yo

    Gabriela "Gaba" Rodriguez

    Senior geek, junior mom with experience in web development and desktop applications. Passion for open source/free software. Crafty want to be with with curiosity for all science, all learning experiences.

  • 2df45244f09369e16ea3f9117ca45157?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Daniel Johnson

  • 3697557672_f9b999e820

    Kevin Meichtry

  • Pa300129

    Monk Funkster

    Engineer. Endurance cyclist (and commuter). Wine geek. Tech conference organizer (Notacon, Open Source Bridge). Dorkbotter. Saxophonist. Scotch drinker.

  • Jp-n-baby

    JP Haid

  • Pro%20headshot

    Steven Cheadle