Ubuntu Oregon

Ubuntu Oregon is a group of volunteers who advocate and promote Ubuntu and Free Open Source Software in Oregon. We attend and plan events statewide and remain committed to educating others about Ubuntu and Free Open Source Software through these events and partnerships within our community.

The group is open to everybody in the state with an interest in spreading and discussing Ubuntu.

Meeting Info

Meetings are announced via Mailing List and Wiki.


linux, ubuntu, shell, Debian, Gnome, Unity


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    Daniel Johnson

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    Micah Elliott

    Entrepreneurship (@Membean), Data Mining, Ruby/Rails, R, Clojure, Vim, Zsh, Gimp, Git, Ubuntu, FOSS, SysAdmin, Clouds, Vocabulary, Ukulele, Esperanto

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    Kevin Meichtry

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    Benjamin Kerensa

    Benjamin Kerensa is an internationally recognized open source evangelist, community manager, author and speaker with experience in systems administration, project management and open source development that spans a decade. In April 2012 he joined OpenPhoto where he is a Commmunity Manager focusing on furthering the Open Photo Project. Additionally he is involved in the Ubuntu Community as a Developer and Community Evangelist and is a member of Mozilla’s WebFWD Open Innovation Program where he identifies open source projects that are well aligned with the goals Mozilla aims to achieve with WebFWD. In his spare time Benjamin Kerensa champions social causes through activism and engagement with elected officials in his region.

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    Dan Novak

    e-Learning developer, recently moved here from Mystic, CT. I work with a lot of technologies, and hungry to learn more. Specializing mostly in SCORM and AICC, have a lot of experience forcing courses to play nice with Learning Management Systems (LMSes) like Plateau, SumTotal, and Oracle iLearning. Getting my feet wet in C# and ASP.NET in my new role, along with more advanced OOP in ActionScript. Got a hosting account supporting JSP, but haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet. Was playing wth Drupal and other PHP things, but my heart's not really in it.

  • Jeremy-morgan

    Jeremy Morgan

    Tech Blogger from Portland, Oregon. Author, speaker, teacher and thought leader.

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    Amie Kuttruff

  • Usb-256

    Ben Sandberg

    Part developer, part sysadmin.