The group is a a group that gets together to discuss practices, patterns, and design that generally falls outside the normal flow of systems and into the extreme. We discuss architecture and technological points, to agile ideals and lean, extreme, or other processes. Come join us, always a good time.

Meeting Info

The group is kicking off again talking on all sorts of dev topics, come join us for discussion, presentation, and impromptu developer bits.


  • Adron1

    Adron Hall

    Cloud computing, software development & architecture, heavy metal, transit & logistics, economics, beautiful things, speaker, and adrenaline junkie.

  • Devto

    Jeremy Morgan

    Tech Blogger, Author, and Speaker from the Northwest. Linux, .NET, DevOps and related tech.

  • 369344_100003997813775_2087608362_n

    Anusha Os

  • 369344_100003997813775_2087608362_n

    Anusha Os