Collective Agency

Community Mission Statement: Cozy places to work alongside people doing what they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!

Where? 3050 SE Division, Suite 245, and 1410 SW Morrison, Suite 850. When? Members have 24/7 access at both locations. We’re staffed Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. What else? You can call (503) 517-6900 or email Alex at [email protected]

Membership is for people whose ideal is working alongside other people, and who value ‘society-as-family’.

Members value productive work and inspiring and energizing conversations happening at their workplace. Participation by members is always optional; we each have individual goals! Friendships, learning, and in-depth open conversations with laughter make successful events and great days. Most of the time, people are productively working.

We’ve won various workplace awards since 2011. Some of us eat lunch and talk on the sofas here. There are optional activities planned each month.

Amenities include: one of the fastest internet connections in Portland, conference rooms, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, bubbly water, central air conditioning and heat, elevator access, bike parking, showers, computer monitors, lots of natural light.

Come and work here!




  • Alex-by-melissa1crop5

    Alex Linsker

    community organizer, organizational democracy, self-organizing teams, federations, work, cities, UX, coworking, Contact Perks, "Collective Agency"

  • Photo

    Reid Beels

    Designer, developer, geonerd, community organizer, and generally nice guy. Works on @calagator, @osbridge, @wherecamppdx, @paydici, & more.

  • 268963_10150246162792908_749472907_7297003_8326954_n

    Eric Drechsel

  • 4173515888_fb3855db91

    Audrey Eschright

    Writer, photographer, programmer, geek

  • Daniel

    Daniel Hedlund

  • 2df45244f09369e16ea3f9117ca45157?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Daniel Johnson

  • Iconfitz

    Fitzhugh Ryland

    @fitzhuge: @CollectiveAcenC Coordinating Council member, Artist, Designer

  • Ecostache

    Emanuel Costache

  • 39597_533536613340_214901291_31625272_262785_n

    Peter W

    For fun and profit, in no particular order: web & mobile developer, and active transportation advocate.

  • Dsc_0024

    Edwin Knuth

    Web developer, devopsy/sysadmin/dba. GIS and web mapping enthusiast.