Portland Werewolf

Portland Werewolf is a monthly gathering where participants can eat, drink, and play Werewolf.

Meeting Info

We meet on the third Monday of each month, at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne (https://twitter.com/#!/pdxwerewolf)


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  • New_sm_icon

    Al Partridge

    Director of Development - ISITE Design - Web App Junkie

  • Steven_walling-6.1

    Steven Walling

    Fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind Wikipedia. Former Portlander, novice Californian (but I come home regularly).

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    john melesky

    Been programming in Portland for a few years, and elsewhere for a couple-three decades before that.

  • Facebookpic

    Nathaniel Smith

    I am a constant learner, I love science, math, music, and puzzles, and I moved to Portland from Arkansas less than a year ago. It might please my fellow citizens to know that I had not heard of Portlandia until I had already made the decision to move. I am anti-hipster, but that doesn't stop me seeming like one on occasion.

  • 264411_615757275741_42007125_33341578_5084697_n

    Jason Lingel