PADNUG is the developers user group for Microsoft technologies in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We bring together software developers from throughout the area to discuss technologies and techniques amongst the membership. Meetings are typically held once a month and include presentations on technology announcements, architecture, methodologies, and experiences.

Meeting Info

Typically, PADNUG meets at six o'clock in the evening on the first Tuesday of each month. Pizza and networking continues until six-thirty and the presentation will continue until approximately eight-thirty.


c#, .net, silverlight, microsoft, sql, LINQ, WPF, WCF


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    Kira Dennison - Capen

    Account Manager at EdgeLink

  • Linkedin_1

    Marty Matheny

    Manager of Software Engineering with experience developing collaborative health-care software on the .NET stack, building software teams, and improving software development processes. Fun side projects include Ruby on Rails web apps and Internet of Things projects written in Python.

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    Dan Novak

    e-Learning developer, recently moved here from Mystic, CT. I work with a lot of technologies, and hungry to learn more. Specializing mostly in SCORM and AICC, have a lot of experience forcing courses to play nice with Learning Management Systems (LMSes) like Plateau, SumTotal, and Oracle iLearning. Getting my feet wet in C# and ASP.NET in my new role, along with more advanced OOP in ActionScript. Got a hosting account supporting JSP, but haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet. Was playing wth Drupal and other PHP things, but my heart's not really in it.

  • Devto

    Jeremy Morgan

    Tech Blogger, Author, and Speaker from the Northwest. Linux, .NET, DevOps and related tech.

  • Adron1

    Adron Hall

    Cloud computing, software development & architecture, heavy metal, transit & logistics, economics, beautiful things, speaker, and adrenaline junkie.

  • Claussenrich

    Rich Claussen

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    James Scheidt

    Software Developer at Fiserv

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    Keith Pendergrass


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    Bridget Smith

    Recruiter at Experis/Manpower Group Looking for IT folks that are on the job market for permanent, direct hire opportunities in the Portland area.