PDX Weekly Hackathon

Come do strange things with computers amongst others whilst drinking fine Portland beer. Look for the row of geeks with computers in the back of the main room.

All programming languages welcome. Come work on your own projects, work on others participants' projects, get advice, have fun, etc.

You're encouraged to bring a computer, but can team up with others that brought one too.

Afterwards, the group descends on the 12th and Hawthorne foodcart pod for additional nourishment.

Also, many people meet up at the pub during the same time as the hackathon to play boardgames they bring which you're welcomed to play.

Meeting Info

Every Thursday, around 6:30, at the SE Lucky Lab


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  • Nov%2015,%202011%209-52-14%20am

    Jacob Helwig

    All-around geek

  • Library_-_13493

    Justin C. Houk

    Contributor at ProgrammableWeb.com, Community Organizer, Content Curator, Needless to say these are my personal opinions.

  • Profile

    Selena Deckelmann

    free and open source software, databases, postgresql, fun. A lady.

  • Leto_orange

    Jonathan "Duke" Leto

    Jonathan "Duke" Leto is a software developer, published mathematician, git ninja and avid bicyclist living in Portland, Oregon. Duke is a core developer of Parrot Virtual Machine, Board member of Parrot Foundation as well as Community Manager. He helped create the PDX Hackathon user group and has been listed as one of the most influential coders in Portland, OR according to Github statistics. Duke is also involved in Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In as an organization administrator, which involves organizing dozens of mentors who are teaching brilliant high school and college students about open source and how to be a part of an open source community. Duke is the founder of Leto Labs LLC as well as working as a Bioinformatics Analyst at Boyce Thompson Insitute For Plant Research in Ithaca, New York. He received his Masters in Mathematics from University of Central Florida and enjoys discovering wheels within wheels.

  • Photo

    Reid Beels

    Designer, developer, geonerd, community organizer, and generally nice guy. Works on @calagator, @osbridge, @wherecamppdx, @paydici, & more.

  • James-quizical

    James Rucker

    EY Cloud developer at Engine Yard PDX

  • Img_5422-1

    Rob Bednark

    Software Developer

  • 3fb04953d95a94367bb133f862402bce?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    john melesky

    Been programming in Portland for a few years, and elsewhere for a couple-three decades before that.

  • 2df45244f09369e16ea3f9117ca45157?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Daniel Johnson

  • 3697557672_f9b999e820

    Kevin Meichtry

  • Bck_photo

    Benjamin Cullen-Kerney

    Write code, not too much, mostly Ruby.

  • Photo_108

    Andrew Ettinger

    Co-founder and CTO of InGrid Solutions, a company that provides field automation software to the trades.

  • Image

    Chris Hough

    Code. Design. Rant. Radical Thinker. Focused. !=Scenester. Love Family. Nature. Community. Snow.

  • Kk-caseorganic-48px

    Amber Case

    Exploring the field of cyborg anthropology. Founder Geoloqi (now Esri Portland).

  • 402936533_7fb8915162_o

    ben hengst

    I'm just a guy that does stuff...

  • Ntpmrqrj_normal

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    Keith Pendergrass


  • 6095

    John Dwyer

    Postdoc at MIT. Living in Portland.

  • 264411_615757275741_42007125_33341578_5084697_n

    Jason Lingel