Portland Data Viz Group

The Portland Data Visualization Group meets every 3-5 months to share interesting projects that are being worked on in the community.

Meeting Info

Meetings consist of three or four short presentations with Q&A afterwards.


  • Chess_pic

    Leif Warner

    R&D&D. Wires. Tubes. Patterns. Ask me about linked data, graphs, OWL, markup languages, functional languages, and dead languages.

  • Kk-caseorganic-48px

    Amber Case

    Exploring the field of cyborg anthropology. Founder Geoloqi (now Esri Portland).

  • 186649_1175323088_2782860_n

    Teresa Boze @PDXsays on Twitter

    Writer, Conceptor, Connector "Hackers are anybody who derives joy from discovering ways to circumvent limitations." Robert Bickford WELL Community

  • Aaronpk-512

    Aaron Parecki

  • B26147addcb38edc8632260311178bf5

    Nathan Bergey

    I'm a rocket scientist. I work with Portland State Aerospace Society building open source rockets. I am also a technical consultant doing data visualization and analysis.

  • Avatar

    Jesse Cooke

    climber, fighter, lover, son, brother, and something called n-tier engineer

  • Smile-bw-250-2

    Micah Elliott

    Entrepreneurship (@Membean), Data Mining, Ruby/Rails, R, Clojure, Vim, Zsh, Gimp, Git, Ubuntu, FOSS, SysAdmin, Clouds, Vocabulary, Ukulele, Esperanto

  • Hipsterholmeshat

    Kevin Turner

  • 39597_533536613340_214901291_31625272_262785_n

    Peter W

    For fun and profit, in no particular order: web & mobile developer, and active transportation advocate.

  • 1ba0591ad76f592a1270df5b54ae4f64

    Piero Ardizone

    I'm a Portland-based UX designer. In 1983 I was bitten by a radioactive Macintosh mouse. I think about UX and IxD in ways that would make your mother blush.

  • 4591809?1418090922

    Tim Degner

    TIM DEGNER Design, Data Viz, Infographics, UI, UX, Dashboard, Freelance, Presentations, Icons, Illustration, Sketching