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Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Urban Airship.


python, django


  • Dscf2722_cf_120x120

    Craig Fisk

    @craigfisk. mobile, #GOAP (http://geeksonaplane.com), 汉语, Deutsch, 日本語, le français. Startups: Picocosmos and Stringbook (http://blog.picocosmos.net/index.php/about) < co-founded Gaia Software, mobile enterprise applications company < Intel software platforms and tools.

  • Hipsterholmeshat

    Kevin Turner

  • Album2

    Jason Kirtland

    hacker. cheese enthusiast.

  • Igal-avatar-by-jimmymcwicked-flipped

    Igal Koshevoy

    Business and Technology Consultant working primarily with Ruby, Python, UNIX and DevOps. Open source contributor & community organizer: Calagator, Open Source Bridge, pdxruby, pdxfunc, and pdxdevops.

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    Karl Anderson

    Software engineer with Duo Security.

  • Headshot_square_cropped_512x512

    Lindsey Smith

    Criminal justice information integration business development & product management at Thinkstream by day. RSS, Python, beer, bike and OSS by night. Maintainer of rss2email project.

  • Me

    Wraithan (Chris McDonald)

    Python hacker, tech nerd, and Portlandite (Sounds like a rare ore, that's because natural Portlandite is, in fact, very rare.)

  • Camping-mug

    Peter Banka

  • 3fb04953d95a94367bb133f862402bce?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    john melesky

    Been programming in Portland for a few years, and elsewhere for a couple-three decades before that.

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    Daniel Johnson

  • Smile-bw-250-2

    Micah Elliott

    Entrepreneurship (@Membean), Data Mining, Ruby/Rails, R, Clojure, Vim, Zsh, Gimp, Git, Ubuntu, FOSS, SysAdmin, Clouds, Vocabulary, Ukulele, Esperanto

  • 3697557672_f9b999e820

    Kevin Meichtry

  • Jeff_light

    Jeff Schwaber

    I thought this was funny when I wrote it, but now I think I was just being contrary: I was born, learned how to walk and talk and, some days, feed myself, and almost lost it all to the mysterious hole of programming. I received a degree that should really have been labeled BS, at least for its initials, and then moved to Portland to pursue I wasn't sure what. Since then I've been (among other things) a system administrator, database munger, and programmer, as well as a mushroom hunter, everything pickler and teacher.

  • 39597_533536613340_214901291_31625272_262785_n

    Peter W

    For fun and profit, in no particular order: web & mobile developer, and active transportation advocate.

  • Sme

    Sean Escriva

  • Img_5422-1

    Rob Bednark

    Software Developer

  • Aec851e565646f6835e915293381e20a?d=retro&f=y&s=48

    Dan Novak

    e-Learning developer, recently moved here from Mystic, CT. I work with a lot of technologies, and hungry to learn more. Specializing mostly in SCORM and AICC, have a lot of experience forcing courses to play nice with Learning Management Systems (LMSes) like Plateau, SumTotal, and Oracle iLearning. Getting my feet wet in C# and ASP.NET in my new role, along with more advanced OOP in ActionScript. Got a hosting account supporting JSP, but haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet. Was playing wth Drupal and other PHP things, but my heart's not really in it.

  • Sutin_peck_0033

    Gary Peck

  • Devto

    Jeremy Morgan

    Tech Blogger, Author, and Speaker from the Northwest. Linux, .NET, DevOps and related tech.