With new databases springing up faster than new food carts this meetup aims to cut through the hype and disseminate knowledge from people who have been using, scaling, and getting-paged-by databases and other systems in production environments.

Meetups will be a presentation on someone's experience with a database or related technology in production preceded by 1 or 2 people giving 5 minute lightning talks on technologies they've just begun using and are excited about.

Hopefully a few months after giving a lightning talk the speaker will return to present on their experience as the main presentation.

If nothing else, come by to have a beer and share war stories with others trying to fight through the hype and keep their systems humming.

Meeting Info

Fourth Thursday of the month!


mongodb, Redis, kafka, xapian, rabbitmq, amqp


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    Kevin Turner

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    Jason Kirtland

    hacker. cheese enthusiast.

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    Igal Koshevoy

    Business and Technology Consultant working primarily with Ruby, Python, UNIX and DevOps. Open source contributor & community organizer: Calagator, Open Source Bridge, pdxruby, pdxfunc, and pdxdevops.

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    Michael Schurter

    Portland geek, Urban Airship Developer, Update PDX Organizer

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    Lindsey Smith

    Criminal justice information integration business development & product management at Thinkstream by day. RSS, Python, beer, bike and OSS by night. Maintainer of rss2email project.

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    Selena Deckelmann

    free and open source software, databases, postgresql, fun. A lady.

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    Craig Fisk

    @craigfisk. mobile, #GOAP (http://geeksonaplane.com), 汉语, Deutsch, 日本語, le français. Startups: Picocosmos and Stringbook (http://blog.picocosmos.net/index.php/about) < co-founded Gaia Software, mobile enterprise applications company < Intel software platforms and tools.

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    Jesse Cooke

    climber, fighter, lover, son, brother, and something called n-tier engineer

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    Todd Dombrowski

    Developer & System Administrator since 1998

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    ben hengst

    I'm just a guy that does stuff...