Michael Schurter

Portland, OR

Portland geek, Urban Airship Developer, Update PDX Organizer


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    Urban Airship

    Urban Airship was launched in May of 2009. The company was the brainchild of Steven Osborn, our current CTO. Steven had been tasked with implementing an in-app purchase solution for a popular gaming company he was working for. While developing the solution, he discovered how resource-intensive the project was. He realized that if he could devote...


  • PDX Groups (it's meta)

    A mailing list for user group organizers to talk about issues related to organizing user groups. Also responsible for planning the Summer and Winter Coders' Socials.

  • PDX Django

  • Update_pdx


    With new databases springing up faster than new food carts this meetup aims to cut through the hype and disseminate knowledge from people who have been using, scaling, and getting-paged-by databases and other systems in production environments. Meetups will be a presentation on someone's experience with a database or related technology in pro...