Kyle Drake

Alberta Street

"This man had none of the attributes of the traditional scholar. He was highstrung, unruly, occasionally hard and insolent; he did not fit the image of wise, disciplined men of science. He loved games, the company of women, travels by land and sea; he was a free spirit in an impetuous body. No comparison with the austere scientist, struggling with stubborn mysteries. His discoveries were not the result of long sleepless nights spent in a laboratory, or of complicated scientific demonstrations. He loved life, and could not have borne such restrictions. Instead, his inventions appeared suddenly, out of the blue, a stroke of common sense, or of genius, sometimes during a lively game of billiards, his favorite pastime."


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    Geoloqi / Esri R&D Center, Portland

    Small team building super-powered geolocation apps and platform. Acquired by Esri Oct 2012. Now Esri R&D Center Portland with same team/products. Will continue to grow in Portland. Esri/Geoloqi provides a dev/enterprise-focused platform for real-time location and location-based messaging. Visit http://developers.geoloqi.com for sample apps,...