Eric Redmond

Portland, OR

Long bio was long - truncate() would be awesome. So in it's place: Ruby, Java, iPhone, Inviite, NoSQL, author, other buzzwords, lurker.


  • Pdx_rb

    Portland Ruby Brigade

    The Portland Ruby Brigade is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. We're a friendly group that freely shares knowledge about the Ruby programming language, its libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails.

  • PDX Groups (it's meta)

    A mailing list for user group organizers to talk about issues related to organizing user groups. Also responsible for planning the Summer and Winter Coders' Socials.

  • Portland JavaScript Admirers

    Portland JavaScript Admirers is a group that meets monthly to discuss topics on JavaScript and ECMAscript ranging from client-side web frameworks, to functional and prototypal programming theory.


  • Download


    A free, simple event creator and manager. Started before I knew Plancast or Calagator existed... but, hey, there's always room for one more, right?

  • Crud-icon


    A weekly comic regarding deeply nerdy database topics, like Merkle trees and vector clocks, or just DB-related, like Arel.