Kira Dennison - Capen

Portland, Oregon Area

Account Manager at EdgeLink


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    PADNUG is the developers user group for Microsoft technologies in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We bring together software developers from throughout the area to discuss technologies and techniques amongst the membership. Meetings are typically held once a month and include presentations on technology announcements, architecture, metho...

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    Sitecore User Group

    The Portland Sitecore CMS User Group meets occasionally in the downtown Portland Oregon area, for networking and learning. We may meet in a board room on occasion for practical training, and other times in a pub. The user group is led by the ISITE Design technical staff, and open to anyone using or considering the Sitecore Content Management ...

  • Osql-d

    Oregon SQL Server User Group

    Oregon SQL Developers (OSQL-d) provides opportunities for SQL Server developers, .NET, and other developers accessing SQL Servers, as well as SQL Server administrators, to meet and discuss SQL Server technologies that are of specific interest to developers. Discussion topics include 'Best Practices', T-SQL code, Query Optimization, Reporting, ET...

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    The PDX RIA group is located in Portland, Oregon and focuses on Rich Internet Application development with the Adobe tools. We talk about Flex, Flash, JavaScript, ColdFusion as well as development challenges like source control and team organization. PDXRIA meets on the third thursday of the month at PCC Sylvania Campus. Thanks debtpro.co

  • Mobile_portland

    Mobile Portland

    Portland has been a leader in mobile development which has allows Mobile Portland to become one of the largest mobile user groups in the United States with over 800 people on the mailing list. Monthly meetings about mobile featuring outstanding presentations and networking. A typical meeting has between 50 and 70 attendees, but popular topi...

  • Androidpdx


    Description: A discussion group for users and developers of Android applications and Android-capable cellphones.

  • Pjug

    PJUG - Portland Java Users Group

  • Plug-tux-with-umbrella

    PLUG - Portland Linux/Unix Group

    We are a group of enthusiasts dedicated to teaching and learning about Linux and Unix. There is no membership fee to join. We welcome people of all levels of experience.

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    Software Association of Oregon

    The Software Association of Oregon is the only Oregon-based trade association dedicated solely to supporting the success of our state's software and technology Industries. Our membership includes, but is not limited to, technology companies of all kinds and sizes, and technology professionals working for companies outside the industry.

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    PDX Lean Startup Circle

    The number one reason that Startups fail is lack of customers (~90%), not product development failure (~10%). The Lean Startup is an approach that attempts to acknowledge this and create startup success. We are PDX startup entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing customers and markets for our products in a disciplined, iterative, and...