Kenyon Gwillim

I am a developer with 16 years of experience, 13 of those specifically building and deploying websites and web applications.

My experience was initially in the auto finance world. I started writing and maintaining windows and DOS applications in C, C++, and Pascal. During that time the company phased out their windows client based software into web based applications. That thrust me into the world of web development and Adobe Coldfusion (then Allaire). I primarily did Coldfusion development for many years and then another technology shift had me change directions and move into .NET development. Occasional forays into the open source world (PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache) based on client requests. I also had a brief stint as the server administrator in addition to my development duties as small shops often require.

I have familiarity with the complete life cycle of website development. From an idea to architecting, coding, QA, deployment and ongoing maintenance. I have worked alongside everyone involved with getting a website off the ground. Creative, Flash/Flex developers, my developer peers, project managers, account executives, directors of technology, as well as the clients themselves.

Exposure to tight deadlines, long hours, quick turnarounds (eg fast paced environment) is something I am quite familiar with and willing to do when it is necessary to do a project right, make the deadline, or calm an upset client.