john melesky

montavilla, portland

Been programming in Portland for a few years, and elsewhere for a couple-three decades before that.


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    user management platform for the social web


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    Portland Werewolf

    Portland Werewolf is a monthly gathering where participants can eat, drink, and play Werewolf.

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    PDX Weekly Hackathon

    Come do strange things with computers amongst others whilst drinking fine Portland beer. Look for the row of geeks with computers in the back of the main room. All programming languages welcome. Come work on your own projects, work on others participants' projects, get advice, have fun, etc. You're encouraged to bring a computer, but can t...

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    Portland Python User Group

    Fun with Python!

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    Portland Functional Programming Study Group

    pdxfunc is a study/user group exploring functional programming in Portland, Oregon. The group welcomes programmers with any level of experience or interest in any functional language, including Haskell, Lisp, OCaml, and others.

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    User Group dedicated to PostgreSQL and related tech.

Topics I can mentor

programming, functional programming, database use, software architecture

Topics I would like mentoring in

higher math