Kevin Meichtry

Portland, OR


  • Brainsilo


    BrainSilo is a Hackerspace in Portland, OR. Our space is always open to members and their guests, and the general public is welcome during scheduled events. We are dedicated towards education, hacking, and maker culture. Our mission is to sustain an environment where people can educate themselves and others in order to create and expand junct...

  • Dorkbot_logo

    Dorkbot PDX

    Q: Dork what? A: Dorkbot. It's people doing strange things with electricity. In Portland. Q: Are you dorks just about robots? A: No. Q: Do you dorks all build robots? A: No. Q: What, besides robots, do people in this group do? A: A lot of things. Among others: circuit bending, hardware hacking, genera...

  • Ubuntu PDXTeam

    PDXTeam is the Ubuntu user group for the city of Portland in the state of Oregon in the United States.

  • Portland Tech Workshops (pdxtechworkshops)

    Creating new technologists, connecting new people with the local tech community, and increasing the participation of under-represented groups.

  • Portland Code Camp

    Since 2005, Portland Code Camp has produced a community event that provides the developer community opportunities to talk with, and learn from each other. Any developer may propose a presentation to share his or her tips and tricks on using technology, understandings of new programming paradigms, and approaches to problem solutions. Any develope...

  • Happy%20pancakes

    PDX Breakfast

    A bimonthly gathering of people who need coffee, bacon, and conversation. Frequented by techie types, arty types, policy wonks, and rabbis. Logo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/framboise/

  • Androidpdx


    Description: A discussion group for users and developers of Android applications and Android-capable cellphones.

  • Avatar_9abd1b57ecb9_128-1

    NoPoCoNi - North Portland Coders Night

    Come hang out, drink beer, and write code every Monday night. The meetings are extremely informal, and everyone is welcome! Maybe we'll be in the middle room, maybe in the back room, just keep walking until you see a table full of laptops.

  • Lot%20logo%20notext

    Legion of Tech

    The purpose of this not-for-profit organization is to grow and nurture the local Portland community through free, educational, community-run technology events.

  • Avatar

    PDX Weekly Hackathon

    Come do strange things with computers amongst others whilst drinking fine Portland beer. Look for the row of geeks with computers in the back of the main room. All programming languages welcome. Come work on your own projects, work on others participants' projects, get advice, have fun, etc. You're encouraged to bring a computer, but can t...

  • PDX Visualization

    Topics will include: * Vis languages: R, Processing, Flash/Flex, Javascript * Toolkits/APIs: VPython, Google Maps, Google Visualizations, UUorld * Interesting demos/presentations (TED and elsewhere) * Howto/experience sessions * Trends/discoveries in vis * Data mining * Analytics Contact Sky

  • Portland JavaScript Admirers

    Portland JavaScript Admirers is a group that meets monthly to discuss topics on JavaScript and ECMAscript ranging from client-side web frameworks, to functional and prototypal programming theory.

  • Demolicious

    Demolicious is Portland Web Innovators’ showcase of member’s work. Whether it’s a side project or a new business, you have ten minutes to show what you’ve got.

  • Mobile_portland

    Mobile Portland

    Portland has been a leader in mobile development which has allows Mobile Portland to become one of the largest mobile user groups in the United States with over 800 people on the mailing list. Monthly meetings about mobile featuring outstanding presentations and networking. A typical meeting has between 50 and 70 attendees, but popular topi...

  • Python-logo-master-v3-tm

    Portland Python User Group

    Fun with Python!

  • Download

    Open Source Bridge

    An all-volunteer run conference for open source citizens.

  • Uo-white

    Ubuntu Oregon

    Ubuntu Oregon is a group of volunteers who advocate and promote Ubuntu and Free Open Source Software in Oregon. We attend and plan events statewide and remain committed to educating others about Ubuntu and Free Open Source Software through these events and partnerships within our community. The group is open to everybody in the state with an ...

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