Monk Funkster

Portland, OR

Engineer. Endurance cyclist (and commuter). Wine geek. Tech conference organizer (Notacon, Open Source Bridge). Dorkbotter. Saxophonist. Scotch drinker.


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    Dorkbot PDX

    Q: Dork what? A: Dorkbot. It's people doing strange things with electricity. In Portland. Q: Are you dorks just about robots? A: No. Q: Do you dorks all build robots? A: No. Q: What, besides robots, do people in this group do? A: A lot of things. Among others: circuit bending, hardware hacking, genera...

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    Open Source Bridge

    An all-volunteer run conference for open source citizens.

  • Syndicatelogosq

    Stumptown Syndicate

    Our purpose is to support technology education and community-building through events, space and resource coordination, and other activities. We produce events such at Open Source Bridge, Barcamp Portland, Ignite Portland, PDX Tech Workshops and more!

  • Portland Tech Workshops (pdxtechworkshops)

    Creating new technologists, connecting new people with the local tech community, and increasing the participation of under-represented groups.