Brian Brown


Founder, Sevryn Mobile LLC. Big Idea and strategic business plan guy with a proven track record of bringing ideas from the white board to reality. Moved from SF and looking to meet more people in the PDX tech community.


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    Sevryn Mobile LLC

    Sevryn Mobile creates applications that connect people in interesting ways. PALMS Casino Fantasy Blackjack www.palms.com/fantasyblackjack www.facebook.com/fantasyblackjack www.sevrynmobile.com


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    PALMS Casino Fantasy Blackjack

    PALMS Casino Fantasy Blackjack takes the best elements of fantasy sports leagues and combines them with the greatest card game in the World: Blackjack! Become a Commissioner and start your own league and kick off a season or join another league. Once you've joined a Fantasy Blackjack league you can make Deal Offers to your friends with custom ta...