Don Park

Portland, Or

Maker, Biker, Dreamer. Works on @everyonedelivrs @icecondor @geomena @taplister


rails, linux, android, couchdb, nodejs


  • Brainsilo


    BrainSilo is a Hackerspace in Portland, OR. Our space is always open to members and their guests, and the general public is welcome during scheduled events. We are dedicated towards education, hacking, and maker culture. Our mission is to sustain an environment where people can educate themselves and others in order to create and expand junct...

  • Androidpdx


    Description: A discussion group for users and developers of Android applications and Android-capable cellphones.

  • PDX Groups (it's meta)

    A mailing list for user group organizers to talk about issues related to organizing user groups. Also responsible for planning the Summer and Winter Coders' Socials.

  • Pdx_rb

    Portland Ruby Brigade

    The Portland Ruby Brigade is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. We're a friendly group that freely shares knowledge about the Ruby programming language, its libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails.

  • Avatar_9abd1b57ecb9_128-1

    NoPoCoNi - North Portland Coders Night

    Come hang out, drink beer, and write code every Monday night. The meetings are extremely informal, and everyone is welcome! Maybe we'll be in the middle room, maybe in the back room, just keep walking until you see a table full of laptops.


  • Icon


    Continuous location tracking for Android.

  • Wheel

    Everyone Delivers

    A marketplace for crowd-sourced delivery services.

  • Logo


    A creative commons licenced geo-location database. Your browser can be configured to use this service instead of a propriety wifi-location source.

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