Edwin Knuth


Web developer, devopsy/sysadmin/dba. GIS and web mapping enthusiast.


  • Decipher-logo-250x75


    A marketing research services provider, Decipher specializes in online survey programming, data collection, data processing/reporting and custom technology development. Utilizing Web-based applications, Decipher integrates state of the art technology with traditional research techniques. Decipher's survey tools and data reporting suite provide u...


  • O_1_

    Collective Agency

    Community Mission Statement: Cozy places to work alongside people doing what they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here! Where? 3050 SE Division, Suite 245, and 1410 SW Morrison, Suite 850. When? Members have 24/7 access at both locations. We’re staffed Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. What els...


  • Civicapps_grey

    CivicApps For Greater Portland

    The CivicApps.org site aims to encourage every citizen to be an active participant by putting the data in their hands. The CivicApps.org site was developed to source, profile, and accelerate innovative ideas using Web and mobile technologies. The aim is social change. The path is regional collaboration. The focus is local. Share your thoughts...

Topics I can mentor

Web development, GIS

Topics I would like mentoring in

yoga, gardening