Martin BurdAI

Chief Magician Officer @ HybridTechLabs - Your Dedicated, Agile, Fast & Furious Software Development of Web Applications & Mobile Apps


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    HybridTechLabs - Custom Rapid Software Development Poland

    HybridTechLabs provides Agile software development of any custom app needed. Developing Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Windows Phone => High-quality, fast, flawless Mobile Software Development by cross-platform approach with React Native and Ionic frameworks. Developing Custom Web Applications => Back-end & Front-end Dev...

Topics I can mentor

IT Outsourcing, mobile apps developer, web apps developer, software development poland, software design firm, custom software, hybridtechlabs, hybrid apps, software company poland, software engineer, business solutions, web application, mobile application, agile, programming, rapid developer, React, ReactJS, React Native, Ionic, Angular, AngularJS, Node, NodeJS, Backbone, BackboneJS, JavaScript, Java Script, Java, Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code, SQL Server, NoSQL, Mongo, MongoDB, FIrebase, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Android, Android Stuido, Xamarin, Docker

Topics I would like mentoring in

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science