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17E Ho Hao Hon, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city, 700000, Vietnam

Nilead Informatics Services Company Limited is an organization in the custom computer programming services industry located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Nilead provides custom custom web design include development, and management packages using our powerful management & design platform + WE CREATE ASSETS AND OPPORTUNITIES By connecting people, Nilead create business chances, sales leads, perhaps even meetings of a life time. We don't take designing and developing website slightly, we do it with a passion. + WE CONNECT PEOPLE Nilead connect person to person. We connect businesses to clients. We find the person, the business's brand identies, transform them to a design that can give the visitors the best impression of that person, business. We bring the world closer, day by day, person by person, business by business. + WE WANT TO EMPOWER EVERYONE FOR THE WEB Nilead was found with this vision in mind. Everything we do, every product we build, every service we offer, is to empower you to the web. We want to connect you to the world.
Located at the center of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh city, the Southern tech hub, arguably the largest of Vietnam country, Nilead team is inspired to solve this problem. We do not want to simply be a web design/development agency, we want to be a website solution provider. Our vision is to provide high quality web services that are affordable, to empower businesses to go online and to connect to their users. Our Nilead platform, or website services, and its growing eco-system is our answer to this problem:

A powerful platform that can flexibly build all types of complicated system.
Hosted solution that can take away all the troubles of dealing with security and hosting.
Full website management services that assist businesses in growing their business online.
An eco-system that provides the necessary tools for businesses to grow.
Professional yet cost efficient web solution for small businesses (coming soon)

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