Piero Ardizone

Portland, OR

I'm a Portland-based UX designer. In 1983 I was bitten by a radioactive Macintosh mouse. I think about UX and IxD in ways that would make your mother blush.


  • Pdxux%20logo


    PDX-UX is a group for user experience professionals who want to network, discuss ideas, learn from each other, share expertise, and vent (but only a little). Meetups are likely to be a mix of formal and informal gatherings including talks, happy hours, and interactive learning sessions in varying locations around Portland.

  • Pie_logo

    PIE - The Portland Incubator Experiment

    The Portland Incubator Experiment is a joint venture between Wieden + Kennedy and the Portland startup community.

  • 600_11983035

    Portland Semantic Web Interest Group

    A community for discussion of topics related the use of Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data for application development in Portland, Oregon.

  • Portland Windows Phone User Group

  • Portland Code Camp

    Since 2005, Portland Code Camp has produced a community event that provides the developer community opportunities to talk with, and learn from each other. Any developer may propose a presentation to share his or her tips and tricks on using technology, understandings of new programming paradigms, and approaches to problem solutions. Any develope...

  • Happy%20pancakes

    PDX Breakfast

    A bimonthly gathering of people who need coffee, bacon, and conversation. Frequented by techie types, arty types, policy wonks, and rabbis. Logo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/framboise/

  • Ixda_identity_gb_25

    IxDA Portland

    IxDA Portland is the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association: "IxDA is a novel kind of 'un-organization' in that there is no cost for membership. IxDA relies on its passionate members to help serve the needs of the international Interaction Design community. With more than 15,000 members and over 80 local groups around the world, th...

  • Portland-data-visualization-group-viz

    Portland Data Viz Group

    The Portland Data Visualization Group meets every 3-5 months to share interesting projects that are being worked on in the community.

  • Mappagis_sec

    Portland Area GIS Users Group (PAGIS)

    The Portland Area GIS Users Group (PAGIS) provides a forum for GIS professionals, students, and others interested in GIS to meet, share ideas, view demonstrations, and participate in technical discussions. We are a network of people in the GIS community of the greater Portland area and believe that we can all learn from each other and improve o...

  • Androidpdx


    Description: A discussion group for users and developers of Android applications and Android-capable cellphones.

  • Logo-1


    Social changemakers and technological forerunners come together at PDXTech4Good events to mix, swap stories, share ideas, build new relationships, and reinforce the online communities of NetSquared and the NTEN 501 Tech Clubs. This group is organized/supported by volunteer efforts and open to all to attend.

  • Portland User Interface SIG

    The Portland User Interface Special Interest Group is a group of internet, software and product development professionals who meet monthly to learn more about usability and user experience. Each month, we invite a company to present their Web site, product or application at our hands-on round table review meeting.

  • Lot%20logo%20notext

    Legion of Tech

    The purpose of this not-for-profit organization is to grow and nurture the local Portland community through free, educational, community-run technology events.

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    The PDX RIA group is located in Portland, Oregon and focuses on Rich Internet Application development with the Adobe tools. We talk about Flex, Flash, JavaScript, ColdFusion as well as development challenges like source control and team organization. PDXRIA meets on the third thursday of the month at PCC Sylvania Campus. Thanks debtpro.co

  • PDX Visualization

    Topics will include: * Vis languages: R, Processing, Flash/Flex, Javascript * Toolkits/APIs: VPython, Google Maps, Google Visualizations, UUorld * Interesting demos/presentations (TED and elsewhere) * Howto/experience sessions * Trends/discoveries in vis * Data mining * Analytics Contact Sky

  • Portland JavaScript Admirers

    Portland JavaScript Admirers is a group that meets monthly to discuss topics on JavaScript and ECMAscript ranging from client-side web frameworks, to functional and prototypal programming theory.

  • Logo


    CHIFOO (pronounced ‘ky - FOO’), Computer-Human Interaction Forum Of Oregon, a local professional chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, serves practicing professionals, academics and students in the Oregon and Southwest Washington region through lecture series, workshops and networking in the areas of User Experience, Usability and Interaction Design.

  • DevGroupNW

    Since 1994, the DevGroup has provided a forum for developers to network, share knowledge and find out what's happening in the Web, Multimedia and Interactive worlds. We encourage you to attend our Free monthly meetings in Portland, Oregon and get together with your peers in a relaxed, educational environment.

  • Dcpdx

    Drupal PDX User Group

    Welcome to the Portland, Oregon Drupal Users Group. Meetings take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm in the OpenSourcery offices at 1636 NW Lovejoy St. Portland, OR 97209. We've begun a second meetup on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5pm at the Lucky Lab on 1945 NW Quimby. We meet, work on our projects, and ask questions of...

  • Picture1

    Open Gov West PDX

    The OpenGovWest Conference has sparked Portland area follow-up meetings with the hope of creating a local network of people interested in open government. The purpose of this group is to continue communication on-line, facilitate collaboration, plan future meetings, and to promote open government in our region.

  • Img-header

    Software Association of Oregon

    The Software Association of Oregon is the only Oregon-based trade association dedicated solely to supporting the success of our state's software and technology Industries. Our membership includes, but is not limited to, technology companies of all kinds and sizes, and technology professionals working for companies outside the industry.

  • Global_19375212

    Startup Weekend Portland

    Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a website or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skill sets - primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people - to build applications and deve...

  • Demolicious

    Demolicious is Portland Web Innovators’ showcase of member’s work. Whether it’s a side project or a new business, you have ten minutes to show what you’ve got.

  • Blue-xl

    Portland WordPress User Group

    Portland WordPress users - authors, administrators, developers, and more. Anyone who uses or works with WordPress is welcome.

  • Mobile_portland

    Mobile Portland

    Portland has been a leader in mobile development which has allows Mobile Portland to become one of the largest mobile user groups in the United States with over 800 people on the mailing list. Monthly meetings about mobile featuring outstanding presentations and networking. A typical meeting has between 50 and 70 attendees, but popular topi...

  • Download

    Open Source Bridge

    An all-volunteer run conference for open source citizens.