Tim Degner

Portland, OR

Design, Data Viz, Infographics, UI, UX, Dashboard, Freelance, Presentations, Icons, Illustration, Sketching


  • Portland-data-visualization-group-viz

    Portland Data Viz Group

    The Portland Data Visualization Group meets every 3-5 months to share interesting projects that are being worked on in the community.

  • Mobile_portland

    Mobile Portland

    Portland has been a leader in mobile development which has allows Mobile Portland to become one of the largest mobile user groups in the United States with over 800 people on the mailing list. Monthly meetings about mobile featuring outstanding presentations and networking. A typical meeting has between 50 and 70 attendees, but popular topi...

  • Androidpdx


    Description: A discussion group for users and developers of Android applications and Android-capable cellphones.

  • Portland Data Viz Group

  • Facebook%20spring%202012

    Portland Startup Weekend

    Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets – primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people – to build applications and develop a...

Topics I can mentor

design, branding, social media, infographics, data viz

Topics I would like mentoring in

personal development, infographics, data viz, personal growth