Wraithan (Chris McDonald)

Portland, OR

Python hacker, tech nerd, and Portlandite (Sounds like a rare ore, that's because natural Portlandite is, in fact, very rare.)


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    A non-profit organization known primarily as the makers of the Firefox web browser.


  • PDX Django

  • Python-logo-master-v3-tm

    Portland Python User Group

    Fun with Python!

  • Download

    Open Source Bridge

    An all-volunteer run conference for open source citizens.

  • Gol


    Come hang out and write code in a nice uncrowded environment with your fellow nerds, drink beer and eat nachos! The meetings are extremely informal, and everyone is welcome! The place is small so finding the nerd herd shouldn't be too difficult. We're usually at the long tables by the door.

  • State Of the Auth

    Quarterly meetup on authentication, authorization, and related tooling. UpdatePDX with its language agnostic nature was part of the inspiration.