CivicApps For Greater Portland

The site aims to encourage every citizen to be an active participant by putting the data in their hands. The site was developed to source, profile, and accelerate innovative ideas using Web and mobile technologies. The aim is social change. The path is regional collaboration. The focus is local.

Share your thoughts. Share your apps. Anonymous visitors to CivicApps are free to review the many great ideas and apps. Registered users are encouraged to participate by submitting ideas, rating and commenting on existing ideas and apps. Registered app contributors are afforded all of the above capabilities, plus the submission of apps, and the rating, commenting and the downloading of datasets.


Java, Objective C, drupal, etc.


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    Audrey Eschright

    Writer, photographer, programmer, geek

  • Library_-_13493

    Justin C. Houk

    Contributor at, Community Organizer, Content Curator, Needless to say these are my personal opinions.

  • Dsc_0024

    Edwin Knuth

    Web developer, devopsy/sysadmin/dba. GIS and web mapping enthusiast.