Multi-Million Dollar Website Idea (read more for in-depth desc.)

Looking for a few programmers or capable people to create this site/company, willing to contract or give shares or both. It focuses on bringing closure to those of us who have lost loved ones and also those who are terminally ill. It allows the average person to leave behind a legacy. It's a big idea and hasn't been done yet. This market is literally un-touched. You'll know what I mean once you are given further details. If Interested, I'd love to meet up for coffee and get into it deeper with you. Please email or text me. My name is Jordan. You can email at [email protected] or text at 503-881-9224. I look forward to meeting and creating this wonderful vision with you. Let's create a family together and be part of a project that doesn't only help ourselves but the rest of the world. When is the last time you felt great about the work you're doing?